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Donation to Karuna Setu Trust is exempted under Section 80G of Income Tax Act 1961

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About Karuna Setu Trust

Established In 1984 by a Nobel soul , Dr Vasant Parikh and his wife Late Ratnaprabha Maniar, Karuna Setu Trust has been working for various social causes & has been able to contribute to the society in a very constructive manners to spread cheers to thousands of families.

Our activities include free eye camps for poor's, food for children, food grain distribution for widows and needy ones, clothes distribution ,cattle camps, activities for salt workers, welfare activities such as ambulance, public gardens, check dams, deepening the wells, hostels for students etc. The Trust also gets involved in rehabilitation activities post natural calamities like tsunami, earth quakes, floods, draught etc.

We try to kindled light in many eyes, reduce sorrows, satisfy hunger and cure T.B. sufferers. We remember all who have assisted many families, to the hard working hawkers and gave eye lenses to hundreds which is immense if measured in monetary terms. But how can one equate in terms of money, the joy of regaining one's eyesight? Kutchh, Banaskantha, Sami Taluka have the satisfaction of saving their cattle's especially cows, through cattle camps by the trust. Roofs of hundreds of houses are renewed.

The trust adopted a village Anantpur in Kutch destroyed in the earth quake. About half a core was spent for A school, Temple , Community Hall and for newly built Houses. Kutchh, Banaskantha, Sami Taluka have the satisfaction of saving their cattle's especially cows, through cattle camps by the trust. Roofs of hundreds of houses are renewed.

The trust did not feel the burden of rendering such services worth millions. Only the feeling like unseen God, the donors are not seen by those beneficiaries, so the trust gets undeserved thanks and gratitude on your behalf. If the trust describes all that is being done with your kind contribution ,it will belittle your grace.

Mission Statement

  • To Render Speedy and direct assistance to needy population (mostly in rural poverty stricken backward areas of India )
    without distinction of caste, creed, sex or Religion.
  • Be transparent in disclosure of our activities and fully accountable for the appropriate use of funds and materials received.
  • To ensure planned benefits to reach to ultimate beneficiaries by keeping personal supervision.


  • FOOD :
    • To distribute free food, grains regularly to poor and needy and provide meal to any deserving hungry person who comes to trust premises during meal time.
    • o provide supplementary food to poor children from preprimary schools or any secular educational
    • To provide free food for patients in a local hospital as well as patients accompanying attendants.
    • To distribute clothes, blankets to poor needy rural population
    • To render assistance in rural areas for repair, maintenance or, reconstruction of houses
    • To help getting drinking water supply.
    • To support literacy by establishing primary school in remote areas.
  • HEALTH :
    • To provide free medicines, appliances, eye lenses, and to arrange medical camps particularly Eye Camps and help handicapped persons.
    • In case of natural calamities like drought, flood, earthquake, epidermic etc. help preserve human and cattle life.
    • To spread awareness for better living, encourage green areas, educate on old social customs and traditional habits etc and closer community interaction.
    • To provide financial help to respect culture and preserve Indian heritage.