Karuna Setu Trust :- Truth , Love and Compassion


Donation to Karuna Setu Trust is exempted under Section 80G of Income Tax Act 1961

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Karuna Setu Trust Activities

A. Direct Help
1. Grain Distribution
- 100 Families getting cash doll + grain on 15 th of every month
- Needy Families of more than 20 villages in little Runn of Kutchch.
2. Cloth Distribution
- Distribution of clothes to needy Persons in Vadnagar and Surendrenagar Taluka’s.
- Distribution of Wollan Clothes in the Little Runn of Kutchch.
- Distribution of Sarees, Dhoti and other clothes to needy Peoples.
- Provide Sarees and other items to brides.
- New born baby kits (Clothes, Towel, Cadell and others items) are given free.
3. Annkhestra
- Two times free meal is served in Annkhestra.
- Free meal to needy patients and care takers – around 50 beneficiary.
4. Others
- Needy families (Oldest People) of Vadnagar, Surendranagar Taluka’s and Little Runn of Kutchch are getting Sweets, Fruits, Sing Chikki, Dates and Tarpaulin etc. regularly.
B. Farmer Supporting Activities
- Distribution of Tarpaulin at concessional rates
- Help for Drip / Fountain irrigation.
- Animals Disease / Treatment Camp.
- Treatment of Street Animals and Birds.
C. Housing Help
- Free housing facility for last lane of society. ( Poor / Needy People)
- Free Tarpaulin distribution to needy once.
- Distribution of Roof.
- Help of equipment for home Repairing.
D. Environment Protection
- Deeping the well / Pound
- Check dams in Hilly area.
- Maintain the Garden for Children.
E. Education Help
- Management of Ratna Prabha Nursing School and College at Subsidized Fees.
- Free Notebooks, uniforms, fees to needy (around 1500 beneficiaries from remote villages of Vadnagar, Zinzuwada and little Runn of Kutchch.
- 10000 Plus students from Virampur, Zinzuwada, Patadi, Kharaghoda and Vadnagar got benefitted from distribution of notebooks on concessional price. (40% of actual cost)
- Education support to bright students for entire year.
- Slate, Compass and other materials provided to needy students.
- Boys hostel at Zinzuwada for children of salt workers ( Free accommodation, Lodging & Education)
- More than 200 students were able to study in hostel at Dhagandghra.
F. Children Welfare & Child help line
- Regular Breakfast for children
- Help to handicap children’s organization
- Provide equipment of garden sports
- Distribution of meal, Sweets, dates, laddus, Chikki and Toys to children.
- Management of Child Help Line (1098) at Mehsana District
- More than 200 Children getting benefits of Child help line scheme.
G. Health
- Management of Vasant Prabha Hospital at Vadnagar. ( 150 Bed, Malt specialist)
- Free Cataract Operation.
- Free eye, Surgical, Gynac, Teeth and Medicine Camp.
- Management of Vasant Prabha Ayurvedic Hospital At Vadnagar
- Free distribution of Ayurvedic Medicine
H. Relief in Natural Calamities
- Earth Quake Relief operation at kutchch- Gujarat.
- Tsunami Relief operation at Tamilnadu
- Distribution of Food Package, Grain Tarpaulin and Cloths at the time of Flood in Koshi at Bihar.
- Food grain, Tarpaulin, School Bags, Notebooks, Chikki, cloths and utensils distributed in Banaskanth Flood.
- Cattle camp at the time of drought at Banaskanth and Surendranagar District’s.
I. Management of Anganwadies
- Management of Anganwadies of Vadnagar Block from 1st July 2013.
- In the Scheme of Children, adolescent girls, Pregnant and lactating Woman more than 20000 beneficiary at Vadnagar Block.
- Elimination of Malnutrition at Vadnagar Taluka’s.