Born On 14-02-1929,Dr Vasant Parikh was an eye surgeon by profession but was a multi faceted personality. A great writer,Social worker,Doctor and a M.L.A.,Dr vasant parikh was involved in betterment of society in many ways.
Born in a religious Vaishnav family,he was brought up by principal minded religious parents.Dr vasant parikh was deeply influenced by Shri Vivekanand,Shri Saane guruji,Shri Kedar nath and Shri Kishorebhai Masrupvada.He adopted principal of 'Practice what
you preach
' in all the activities he under took.

Having stood first in Jamnagar's Ayurvedic college,he served government hospital as a doctor for sometime.Along with Dr Dwarkadas Joshi,he started Nagrik Mandad hospita at vadnagar(Dist Mehsana-Gujarat).During his entire life he operated the hospital with the principle of "PAY AS YOU PLEASE".-He ensured that No patient should be denied the treatment because he has no money.Dr vasant parikh and Ratanaben served this hospital for 45 year.

With his wife he started KARUNA SETU TRUST. The trust initiated many social upliftment activities. Food for needy,water hubs,garden,toys for children,food for old people,grain distribution included few of major activities.Trust also got involved in distribution of food,medicines and cotton clothes for the needy ones.Schools in Tribal areas,House for homeless,Ambulance for sick became another major activities of the trust.

Entire life of Dr vasant parikh and Ratnaprabhaben was dedicated to humanity. In year 1967,hel became M.L.A. with minimum expense.He was always transparent to people regarding money used as M.L.A for welfare activities. He was only opposition leader to make government accountable and he became famous as honest and fearless ML.A.

He was the chief dreamer,promoter and supporter of dharoi dam (Lifeline of farmers of Mehsana District In Gujarat) .He gave slogan of (Vina dharoi dhartiroyi) Land is crying with out Dharoi Dam and took an march to capital of gujarat for explaining the necessity of the dam.He has been honoured 12-15 times by various organizations.

His contribution to literature was signifigant.He has authored 42 books,which has had more than 3 lakh readers till date.He has given more than 1600 lectures.

Let us salute this great nobel soul who dedicated his entire life to humanity.

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