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Education Help

Education is answer to most of problems faced by world today. Education nurtures human being and assists in making human being realize its full potential.

Life is hard for some and harder for some. children living in little runn of kutchh face some harsh realities of life quite early. Their parents have to go to runn of kutchh for earning in salt production for eight to nine months in a year and so this children are not able to continue their education.

To help such children in continuing their education , karuna setu trust runs two boys hostel (one at dhanghdra and other at zinzuwada)

Trust provide free boarding , meals , breakfast , books , notebooks , cloths etc to these students. Total 75 students are accomodated in these hostels.

Karuna Setu Trust Distributes free notebooks,uniforms and fees to needy every year and thousands of students across various villages, have been benefitted till date.